Leftyoldman rides again – weekly blog will resume on March 2nd

I am now a retired baby-boomer living a life of ease in North Norfolk. However, like many others, I want my grandchildren to grow up in an open, global country that makes a full contribution to the range of social problems that can only be solved internationally, rather than in a low wage and insular third world state. Therefore I want to see a clear and unequivocal decision to keep the UK in the single market and the customs union – whether this is achieved through a vote in Parliament, a General Election, or a fresh referendum.   Over the next year I will be devoting a deal of my efforts to this cause. I will be tweeting as @eugrandparents

See my initial article in this week’s New European


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6 thoughts on “Leftyoldman rides again – weekly blog will resume on March 2nd

  1. Good on you Martyn – I support your campaign. The Labour party’ leader played – or rather non- played – a major part in the swing to Brexit in 2016 – how sad is that? The champions of the so called “will of the people” now rubbish the 15m+ who said “stay” as Remoaners. Their case needs to be heard. The superficiality of Brexiteers who put their outdated self centred nationalism ahead of the everyday consequences for all the British people is to be deplored. Encourage Corbyn to stick to his commitment today – no more wafting about on clouds of indecision.


  2. Good to see you are back resisting on your side of the Atlantic. We are all in a position where we need to ensure that our voices are heard. On the other side of the Atlantic, we too, feel marooned! But we fight on for the future. Keep on going!

    Joanne Flynn


  3. Hi Martyn — Good to see your blog again — my guess is that a General Election before the year ends — Corbyn has now moved a bit in agreeing to some sort of Customs Union — this is regarded as treachery by the Leave voters in my local pub — they seem to take the view that there are limitless trade agreements to be made with other country/blocks — my feeling is that we are witnessing some sort of civil war




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