Happy 2017 to all readers


Leftyoldman is now going to take a break. The blog will resume when he sees a ray of hope for left of centre politics in the UK. It may be some time.

5 thoughts on “Happy 2017 to all readers

  1. Happy New Year Martyn,

    Always looked forward to your posts, gave me some hope and amusement in the bleakest of times,

    Best wishes



  2. Dear Martyn

    A short break is understandable, take time to digest or throw up 2016. Don’t stop for too long however, you are one of the rays of hope for the rest of us.

    Happy New Year




  3. Happy New Year Martyn. Not much to be happy about, I know, in the wider world but may your closer world give you a great 2017

    If you are writing to Mr Corbyn please tell him that we do not appreciate him helping the Tories to be dictators behind a false cloak of “the will of the people”(half of them).

    Neither lefty nor old but always seeking wisdom… Andrew..


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