Bottom of the class?


Jeremy Corbyn has followed his re-election with a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, promoting his allies. Now he has to deliver.

His position reminds me of a joke by the 1930s comedian Will Hay, when playing an incompetent schoolmaster in one of his films. ‘Boy, go the bottom of the class. Sir, I am at the bottom of the class. Well go to the top of the class and remember you’re a lap behind.’

In future these blogs will appear on a monthly, rather than a weekly, basis. I will be writing on the challenge facing the centre-left in developing a credible alternative.

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One thought on “Bottom of the class?

  1. Martyn, thank you for your blogs which are so reflective on what is happening in the Labour Party at present. Sorry to hear you will be going monthly but I am still nevertheless grateful for the work you do. It’s good to have someone around who realises that extremism in the party cannot work and makes us un-electable. The sooner we return and recapture the centre-ground, the sooner we return to government.


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