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I was invited to Mustard TV studios on Thursday to appear on their weekly discussion programme ‘This Week’. The topic this week was the future of the Labour Party and the leadership election.

I was speaking in favour of a change of leadership within the Labour Party, while I was joined by Emma Corlett, who was speaking in favour of the status quo. Callum Ringer (also from North Norfolk Labour Party) appeared as an ‘undecided’ voter, while Professor John Street from UEA provided his own perspective as a political commentator.

The programme aired in Norfolk on Mustard TV on Thursday night, and is available online for a limited period of time. You can watch it back by clicking here.

If you get a chance to watch this please let me know what you thought in the comments section.

Mustard 2

Martyn Sloman (left) appearing alongside Professor John Street (right)

4 thoughts on “Mustard TV

  1. Personally I think you were better on our programme!

    Andrew Sinclair Political Correspondent BBC East

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  2. Hello Martyn

    I watched the Mustard clips.

    I felt that Emma Corlett expressed what I feel very well and her comment that the failed “coup” had seriously damaged the Labour party hit the nail on the head for me. It was an extreme and incompetent folly to try and oust Jeremy Corbyn at this time with such an ill-thought out campaign. It was disgraceful to orchestrate this with the drip-drip of resignations and the campaign to denigrate him personally. All at a time the conservatives were in disarray. To be blunt it was pathetic.

    You made a lot of how unpleasant the coming campaign is going to be. To be frank I see you playing a part in stoking that unpleasantness as you appear to be promoting, via social media and TV, only personal criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, as well as playing up and exaggerating any stories that put him or his supporters in a bad light. You repeatedly use the idea of “they” to describe his supporters as if they are somehow different or alien and not part of the Labour party. This is very divisive and creates the conditions for a split. As Emma Corlett reminded you we have more in common than divides us.

    Professor John Street was just wonderful with his sharp analysis of the situation.

    The other guy (cannot remember his name) was a bit of a fence sitter …



  3. Outstandingly good Guardian opinion piece – leftyoldman

  4. I think the term “coup” is being misused — the this is little to do with policies but all to do with skills at leading and an odd belief in a faux democracy just because the members vote for a leader does not mean he has or can acquire the skills and mind set.


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