Showing discretion

In a previous blog I argued that my immensely privileged generation have an obligation to care of our health and ensure, where we can, that we do not put avoidable burdens on a strained health service.   Nevertheless there are inevitable consequences of ageing and one is that men in late middle age/early old age need to go the toilet more frequently. I am affected and formed one the target audience for a cleverly placed advertisement that appeared often throughout ITV’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup. This was for Urostemol; to quote ‘frequent night time urination? Urostemol is used to relieve symptoms related to an overactive bladder’. I decided to give it a try.

Not surprisingly I was sensitive on the subject so copied the name to the notes section of my iPhone. I could not immediately find Urostemol on the shelves of my local branch of Boots in the nearby Norfolk market town of Holt. Accordingly I approached the counter where the drugs were kept and discretely showed the young girl (who looked about 14) the product name on my screen. Perfectly politely she said she had never heard of it but would ask the pharmacist.   There followed a shouted conversation between three staff in a crowded store with me in the middle. ‘Have you heard of Urostemol?’ Yes it’s for weak bladders’ ‘Do we stock it?’ ‘Yes it’s on the stand behind the toothpaste. Take the man over so he can see what size he wants’

The sympathetic looks I received were no compensation for my embarrassment. It will be all round my village and I can now expect sympathetic enquires on the product’s effectiveness.

Boots Holt

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