On to the next game?

It has been a fine Rugby World Cup.   As a life-long enthusiast, I must however question whether the magnificent NZ team doesn’t deserve better supporters.

I had two tickets (at £250 each) for the quarter-final at the Millennium Stadium.  It was the best team performance that I have ever seen; I was both fortunate and privileged to be there. While the All Blacks were trouncing France their younger supporters took selfies and pictures of each other and went backwards and forwards for pints of beer – followed by inevitable toilet visits.  They showed no interest in the game itself.  The two young men immediately in front of me were clearly inebriated before the kick-off, disrespected the national anthems, and left their seats permanently with ten minutes to go.

It would certainly help if the bars at the Stadium were closed half an hour before kick-off but has New Zealand’s sustained success produced a boorish and inconsiderate younger generation of fans? I hope not.

Perhaps I’m just getting old. I will resume a regular blog in the course of the next month and will be focusing on just this: coping with the ageing process.


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