An exchange with a new affiliated supporter

It is understandable that all the leadership candidates and the central bureaucracy are encouraging us local activists to regard the influx of new members, affiliates and registered supporters as a good thing. We are told it will rejuvenate the party.   Well, here in North Norfolk we struggled to get sufficient council candidates in the field, so we are very keen to be rejuvenated. We have already sent out a welcoming e-mail in the name of Denise Burke. This invited them to our next meeting and gave details or our current campaigns and planned activities. We received very few replies: amongst the few was the following

New affiliate by e-mail: Please take my email address off your system

Constituency Media Officer: Did you not register as a supporter with the Labour Party?

New affiliate: Yes I did, but not for Denise Burke

Denise Burke was our (excellent) Parliamentary Candidate at the election.

We drew this exchange to the attention of central party but see that the individual is still able to vote.   Rejuvenation may be a little more challenging than it first appears.


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