Updates on previous blogs: What is Richard Howitt doing? and Academics for Jeremy Corbyn

Richard Howitt MEP’s Press Officer rang me today to have a whinge on what he felt to be two factual inaccuracies in my blog below. First he claimed that there was no early bird price for the jolly to Europe. Oh yes there is. It is £165 early bird for Strasbourg and £85 for the Brussels jolly.

On his second I must hold my hand up and admit a mistake.  I said that you would not find information on whom Richard was supporting for the leadership by looking at his website. I was wrong. You can if you are prepared to do the following.  Go the main site; ignore the four news items listed on the page; go below them and press ‘see all’. You then get to page 1 of 10. Press ‘page 3’.   Richard nominates Yvette Cooper for Labour Leadership is the 5th story of 10. It appears just below Loughton teens are being denied a say in their own future and What Greece needs isn’t Grexit. I offer the Press Officer my apologies.

My second update concerns the letter from pro-Corbyn academics.  I sent an e-mail to the 27 signatories drawing attention to my piece immediately below.  So far I have received 7 out of office replies only one of which gives an alternative contact. The prize goes to the lecturer from Greenwich whose reply reads: This is an automatic reply. I am out of the office until 14 September, and will respond to you if necessary on my return.

One other academic wrote asking me to reproduce a second letter in support of Corbyn’s position.  The author admitted to doing ‘very little canvassing’ (which I suspect means none) and his letter denies that Corbyn is a “danger” who is causing harm to the Labour Party. As Gordon Brown put it this week ‘Labour must be credible, radical, sustainable and electable to help people out of poverty’. I will be dealing with Jeremy Corbyn’s policy position on Wednesday and Thursday.



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