Stella Creasy’s second daft initiative

A month ago I drew attention to a daft idea that Stella Creasy outlined in a campaign e-mail: that local Labour Parties should produce recipe books.   Another e-mail I’ve received from her has prompted me to produce a similar blog. I’m sorry to have to do so. I haven’t decided my vote yet but someone whose opinion I rate highly has commended her in the following terms:

I think there is scope for Labour in being a dynamic, feminist movement. The Tories are vulnerable on gender, and we should push Labour as the party for the liberation of the human potential.  Stella Creasy is a high-energy campaigner and I think this could work with the more studied approach of Yvette Cooper. It’s also a very serious statement about a different type of politics.

Fine, but I wish she’d raise her game.

Now to her latest idea.

The e-mail I received from her on 10 August carried the promising headline of ‘Here’s how Labour’s fightback starts with us all’. However when you drill down the content consists of a PowerPoint presentation for a workshop intended to encourage members to campaign. I spent three decades in corporate training and, in my professional opinion she is offering a reasonable product, if over-wordy and over-reliant on bullet-points.

However the more important question is whether she should be doing this sort of thing at this time. The Party is heading for a severe, possibly terminal, crisis. We are in the mess we are because we are desperately short of a big picture that inspires. Once we get that doorstep campaigning will be easy. Without it we are dead in the water.

My next few blogs will discuss some aspects of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign.


On 21st August I will be publishing a short book:

Labour’s failure and my small part in it: a memoir for my grandchildren

It will be made available free of charge as a download on this site and my personal website  I also intend to produce a Kindle edition.  The book is based on my experiences of 50 year’s activism, my despair about the current state of the Labour Party, and the steps that we need to take to regain credibility.


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