Welcoming our new members

As I am sure is the case everywhere, the membership of North Norfolk Labour Party has surged with the prospect of the opportunity to vote in the Leadership election. Our membership has increased from 170 to 225 – add in affiliated/registered supporters (who need only to pay £3) and we hit 287.

In my capacity as local Treasurer I rang the Party’s Membership Department to ask how we should deal with this influx. Could they be entryists from another Party? The Daily Telegraph is encouraging this course of action.

It is comforting, as this time of evident crisis, to know that some things don’t change. I was told by the contact desk that we should make them welcome and invite them to meetings. When I suggested that it might be helpful to ask the registered supports for a donation to funds I was told that this would be unwise as they were only joining to vote in the leadership election.

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