one day to go – unexpected but welcome volunteers

Denise with Len, Noel and Joyce

One certainty in an election is that you never know who is going to work hard, and who is going to find an excuse for doing very little. Political campaigning is a voluntary activity and there is little you can do beyond shrugging your shoulders. In fairness most of the people who have been prominent in the party over the previous few years do pull their weight. It’s only the odd one or two who completely disappear only to return after the election to complain they weren’t asked to do anything.

Set against that are the people who emerge during the campaign and volunteer to do what they can. My particular favourite this time is someone I met through the local Rugby Club. He is Len Bentley a retired Civil Servant, now aged 85 and is pictured to the right of Denise Burke in the photograph below. He told me that he had first stuffed envelopes for Labour in the 1945 General Election (my earliest was 1964) but his job had then prevented him from political involvement. His anger with current Government economic policies has brought him back to the fray and he was happily delivering leaflets with the local candidate and myself in Holt.

We have also picked up a number of committed students at Paston College in North Walsham. Two of them have been appointed counting agents for the overnight election count which may not report until 0400 on Friday. At least they are used to a late night and should stay awake.

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