10 days to go – visitors to Norfolk

humpback whale 1

In previous elections, both as a candidate and a supporting activist, I have mainly been involved in marginal seats. During the campaign party leaders and show business celebrities visited these constituencies. When I fought Nottingham East in 1983 Bill Owen, ‘Compo’ on the ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, undertook a walk-around in the City Centre to support the Party. I well remember the shrieks of “oh look – its ‘im”. This probably had more impact than the appearance of the Party Leader at a public meeting.

Sadly North Norfolk will not attract such celebrity visits. We are not a marginal seat and it is a long way to come. However, as the picture below testifies, we have in the past attracted some important visitors. Ed Balls’ parents live in retirement in North Norfolk and are party members. Margaret Hodge stays here on holiday and made an excellent contribution at our annual dinner. We may be half way to Lithuania but there are a lot of worse places to live.

Ed Balls in Cromer


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