21 days to go – our village poster display

Last Wednesday we hosted a Church coffee morning at our home. When the last guest had departed I placed the local and national Labour Party posters in our front window, which is next door to the Church. I had not done this before as I did not want to deter any of the guests (at £3 a head, with a free cup of coffee) from attending. It will be the only Labour poster in the village. Over a dozen years of residence I have identified three families who are definitely Labour and the odd individual of progressive views who will vote for the Party in a good year.

All Saints poster

The village and surrounding areas are predominantly Conservative, but so far there have been no Tory posters on display.   In previous years there have been three or four appearing in local houses. This seems to be part of a general pattern locally with nothing beyond the large boards on the fields of wealthy local farmers. It is symptomatic of a lacklustre local campaign and an unimpressive candidate.

Only one LibDem poster has appeared in the village to date – just the other side of the Church from our cottage. However it seems to have fallen over once the occupant moved his derelict van. I attach before and after pictures.

Village Lib Dem Board 0204

Village Lib Dem Board 1404


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