26 days to go – better than expected

If I am honest I entered the election in a spirit of dogged determination rather than excited optimism. I thought we would be up against it with the double Tory message: Labour are responsible for our economic problems; Ed Miliband is not Prime Ministerial material. If both were repeated unceasingly, with some superficially good economic figures appearing, enough voters would be prepared to overlook the total lack of concern and compassion for the weak that characterises the modern Conservative Party.   I’m delighted to say that I now think that I was wrong. First Ed Miliband is weathering the personal assaults. I voted for his brother in the Labour leadership election and, at times, have questioned the direction in which Ed has taken our policy. It has seemed piecemeal in approach when what was needed was an overarching vision. However the main basis for the increasingly personal attacks seems to be that he is an intelligent North London geek who lacks charisma. In my view there are far worse types of people wandering our planet. There is nothing wrong with intelligence nor indeed North London where I lived for many years. It now appears that the Tory ‘shout a bit louder, bully a bit more’ is failing to achieve movement in the opinion polls and, certainly in North Norfolk, it is failing on the doorstep. We are doing well in Fakenham, North Walsham, Stalham and Sutton. Sadly this new mood is unlikely to carry me to District Council victory in Glaven Valley. At close of nominations on April 9th it transpired that there will be five candidates: myself for Labour, a new Conservative candidate (the unpopular sitting councillor has retired), LibDem, Green and UKip. However only myself and the Green appear to live in the ward, so I am the local boy. Given my complaints about the maintenance of footpaths and the anti-social behaviour of some dogs I doubt if this will prove to be an advantage.

Our candidates on the doorstep in North Walsham West - our best prospect fro a Council seat

Our candidates on the doorstep in North Walsham West

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